I grew up with a phobia for the wind. I took a deep dive into a spiritual undertaking. I attended workshops, courses, and learned to pilot a plane, which I had taken to confront the trauma.

Arriving at the root of the fear was not easy, but doable and worth every tear, and breath. All related to the most difficult to attain in childhood notions, that I was cherished and adored. This painful experience, forced me to look and search with unwavering commitment for answers and solutions inside and outside of me (a better version of myself).

I was ashamed of my fear. I was stuck with my fear. Rising above this adversity gives me more reason to help others with creative thinking and thriving solutions. Not from an egotistical standpoint, but from the total understanding that greater solutions exist. Those solutions arising from a deeper self.
You know that power which arises from within you? A power which no one can cut, burn, nor wet. Where no man/woman, nor setback can hold you back any longer. That's your divinity.

I'm here to help you build your dream by mirroring your divinity. With the use of creative thinking, problem solving techniques, and deep insight. To help you find your way back home. To the place were you're indomitable, a victorious you.

I personally felt as if standing on the edge of a cliff, alone and isolated from any divine intervention, very distant from any possible solution. Yet, my willingness to dive deeply into the core of it all. Made my healing permissible and possible.

Situations and circumstances will often look ugly on the outside. They're not mirrors of your truth. Don't believe that crap or rubbish any longer. Take a deep dive and discover if what you're anchoring to are your fears, or your dreams.
Although, circumstances, people, and outcomes seem hopeless at times. They're actually only suggestions, not final statements. A true statement is that you're a winner, a worthy being, a triumphant spirit, deserving of all the love you've imagined. This is your truth. Your divinity. A declaration to live and abide by on a daily basis.