You wish to spread your wings even further?
Why not, and Yes to that one!
You're full of potential, yet unknown, yet untapped.
I made the decision to learn to fly because, honestly, I felt solo in my fears and challenges of unworthiness. A friend of mine use to compliment me by saying that my journey felt lonesome, because I was an Eagle, not a chicken. The truth is, I was never alone, and I never had to learn to fly, literally, to discover that. After all, I am glad I did learn such a magnificent skill. You too can be an Eagle and expand your trajectory even further on your own terms.

During the time that I was in flight school to earn my Private Pilots License, I experienced so much trial and tribulation. The idea of transitioning from Student Pilot to Private Pilot felt amazing.

However, this required for me to take a small step everyday in the direction of that goal. By this, I really mean every single day. There where so many adversities that I had to face; no, one in my family had connections to the aviation industry, 6.64 percent of women were private pilots in the entire United States during that time, flight school is expensive, I was 29 years old during that time, the content was unfamiliar, and flying is inherently risky.
Regardless, I took small steps everyday to keep moving forward. I recall having to take a pause in the midst of my flight training journey, because I could not afford it. Since, I seriously believed in the power of taking small steps, one of my most creative occurrences was to get a five foot 2 inch Stuffed Bear to be my Student Pilot. I was going to be its Flight Instructor. I would explain every maneuver to that Big Bear, and we would fly metaphorically in the comfort of my home.

I got this idea from my flight team members. The team owned a Stuffed Bear, which was the same size as mine and his name was Spangles. He was a member of our flight team. This made learning more fun. In addition, I took ownership of my role, and I truly feel that as absurd as it sounds, this creative step is what helped me to stay on course.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of any action you take towards reaching your goal. Remember my goal was not only to learn to fly literally, but also, to overcome my fears.