If it's about pulling up your sleeves,

developing a method,

interrupting the same old,

introducing irresistible paths,

and allowing imagination take you off the ground.


I'm Zoraya
Coach and Entrepreneur

I’m interested in principles of loyalty, integrity, bravery, and my favorite, creativity, and confidence. To begin I’ll share my top three strengths with you; strategic, a good listener, and loyal.

There’s a museum an hour away from my hometown named the Strategic Air Command and Space Museum. I worked there one season doing summer camps. Just an FYI. Beautiful place if you ever visit the State of Nebraska.

Returning to the original story; The Aviation Industry is all about strategy. That’s what I’m good at. I’m good at identifying problems, patterns, formulas, field operations, and data. It's one of the reasons why, I decided to become a Private Pilot. I attended the Aviation Institute at the University of Nebraska and Flight Trained at Advanced Air in Council Bluffs, Iowa. If you’re strategic and ever wish to become a pilot, go for it. It’s never too late for anything. I learned when I was 29 years old.

I implement strategy into my coaching. I don't require a lot of time to figure out the issue. In fact, I can spot on issues immediately, personal and professional like an aircraft navigator.

Good Listener:
When I was in flight training, I learned something valuable. Your ears are a life saver. I was training in a continental horizontally opposed single engine aircraft. I was airborne with my flight instructor and suddenly I heard a subtle reducing of noise and power in the engine. “What is that, the engine?”, I said. “Good job, your task as a Pilot in Command is to be alert for all the noises that happen in the aircraft,” my flight instructor said. Carburetor Icing was beginning to occur and catching the noise, allowed for correction to be implemented. All I had to do was apply carb heat.

On the side note, I was a relationship coach for 2-3 years. All my clients said that I was a good listener.

Could not be very far from the truth. I’m a loyal fan of Flaming Hot Cheetos since, I was a kiddo. When I finish the bag, I lick my fingers, they’re simply delicious. I’m very faithful. Fidelity should be my last name. An example of my loyalty; When I was flying, I would recommend my flight instructor like a true marketer, and I was not even in sales at the time. I even got one of my Physician Colleagues to become his student. While, my friend was learning, I would give him tips on how he could pass his Check Ride (A Flight Exam to become a Certified Pilot). My loyalty was due to the fact that I wanted my flight instructor, and physician college to succeed.

When you work with me as a client, be sure to cherish this quality. Fidelity is one of the hardest qualities to find in personal life and business, but when you find it, milk it.
You're an inspiration to others!
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But, you wish to spread your wings even further?
Why not, and Yes to that one! You're full of creative potential, which is yet unknown, and I am eager to help you fully bring it forward confidently.
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