The 2 Key Secrets To Facing Challenges

Do you feel like you're getting pushed past your limits? Building your dreams can be fulfilling, exciting, and at the same time challenging. 

It’s joyful to create wonderful forms out of nothingness with an energy of a river which flows. 
Feel encouraged that even when you're heading upstream against the current, it’s because life’s attempting to make you aware of something which is crucial to your success. When this happens don’t take it personal.

There’s nothing wrong with your dream, and you’re not broken. Overcoming challenges is possible. Recuperate energy drained from a petty situation by applying the 2 keys, I'm about to share with you. 

Key Secret 1: Gratefulness

There are many blessings which have been bestowed upon you. Use your childlike curiosity to enter the gratefulness state of mind. 
Gratefulness can shift any situation. 
Examples to being grateful:

  • Today, I’m feeling grateful for those whom chose to follow their calling, and gave me the gift of hope. 
  • The times I’ve reached new heights was because someone prior to me chose to reach new heights. 
  • This challenge is a great opportunity to learn to play the game differently.



Key Secret 2: Retrain your brain.

Replace a common reaction with an uncommon exercise. Although, it doesn’t appear at the surface, but difficult situations are really here to serve you. 

I remember, being in the middle of a project pertinent to my success, and suddenly I began to feel a discomfort in my stomach, and my attention was being diverted from the project.  
I almost dropped the project, but instead of resisting, I chose to acknowledge the discomfort. I sat down to see what the pain was trying to tell me, and I began to draw my discomfort with pictures only (literally I was drawing with stick figures all of my symptoms).  
From doing this, I discovered immediate relief, the energy in my body shifted, and I resumed my project effortlessly. Introducing a new approach got me out of the ‘same old, same old’ habit of handling pain (cry, cry, and call it quits). 

In a small way, my brain kinda evolved when I broke the same old behavior pattern. 
Never underestimate the gift of neuroplasticity (your brain’s ability to rewire circuits and reorganize synaptic connections at any age as a result of input from the environment or  your conscious intentions).

Dealing with adversity? Instead of reacting as you normally do. See if you can rewire your mind by responding differently. This tends to trigger relief, because you've introduced a new way to your brain from the way it’s circuits have been firing for years. 

Now, you know next time you’re face to face with uncomfortable circumstances, practice gratefulness, and rewire your brain. 

Need a little more encouragement then WATCH the video below. A great opportunity to rewire your brain. GO FOR IT!







P.S. If you’ve found this information useful, share it with your peers, never underestimate the power of your gift. 

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  • I love this line, "The key secret to recuperating energy drained from a petty situation is to; be grateful for the challenge. "

    It’s so true, gratitude changes everything!

    Any and everything you experience is designed to make you grow… so I’m always grateful for the opportunity to do so. Awesome post, thank you for sharing!

    Chanel Cumberbatch

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