Is Your Perfectionism Stopping You From Taking Action?

Have you ever experienced a high in the imagination process, and then a low when you have to propel forward with action?

The truth is you’re among a huge crowd, because innovative, creative and amazing projects take perseverance. Perfectionism serves a purpose, honestly, let’s face it. Since, rejection is not enjoyable, nor lack of admiration for doing a poor job. 

You've probably been conditioned. You’ve probably learned at home, the educational system, and through your work environment, that a job not well done isn’t even worth doing at all. 

Do you avoid action, because you fear doing a poor job? On this segment of Let’s Create, I would like to ask you to do yourself a favor to turn this avoidance around.  


Now, that you’ve seen the video.  


 Leave a comment below and inspire your peers with ideas on how to take those small steps towards action. 

Let’s Create a life of giving. 







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  • What a concept! I’ve lost count of the times I have seen inventions and thought “I came up with that”. LOL. Obviously, everything takes time but I like that I can look onto other successful creators such as the post it note guy and think “maybe, I will accidentally create something” or the Orville brothers who basically created flight and get inspired to at least start. I’ve always had these concepts in my head but they have been floating around like scattered puzzle pieces. It’s nice to add the missing puzzle piece with this simplistic approach by Zorayah.


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