This ONE simple spoken word, can Empower your daily living.

Is this what you call a life?

American poet and Pulitzer Prize winner, Mary Oliver said, “Listen—are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?” 

Do you relate to Oliver’s quote? I know, I do. 

So, how do you breathe in-and-out and expand those lungs to their fullest spacial capacity?

The first vital sign of life, is your breath. 

But, wait. Was Oliver literally referring to our breathing? Perhaps they’re metaphors alluding to the very essence of how you live your daily life.

So, what do you call a life? 

I know that there are good times, bad times, and mediocre times. 

So, when the waves of life are against you, and things aren’t flowing in your favor, do you convince yourself that things will never change? 

Generate enthusiasm during the difficult times.

Even if you’re not 100% READY.

This ONE simple spoken word, can Empower your daily living.



In this segment of Let’s Create, you’ll learn about how to craft an improved daily living and future if you do this one simple spoken word. 

Your view is very important. 

At the end of the segment leave a comment, what are some of your negative thoughts which can be revised into affirmations? Notice how your affirmations influence those whom you live with, love, and interact with frequently? What are some affirmations which have helped you in the past? 

Let’s Create a life of giving

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  • Zoraya gets right to the heart of developing a habit. One of my favorite affirmations is " I am loved and supported."


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